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James G Davis

Phoenix New Times: Arty Girl – James G. Davis at Riva Yares Gallery
Storytelling is at the core of James G. Davis’s paintings. His snippets of information and detached scenes give viewers a choice: They can walk away unfulfilled or they can think creatively. Each piece gives gallery-goers a chance to delve into scattered surrealistic symbols, in turn evoking individually unique narratives. Paintings by James G. Davis is on view at Riva Yares Gallery in Scottsdale through April 31, 2009.

Tucson Weekly: Scenes From a Marriage
An unusual collection of work by James G. Davis is on display at Oracle’s Rancho Linda Vista. There is no mistaking the central focus of the exhibition. For five decades, Davis’s wife Mary Anne was a regular model in the artist’s studio. The exhibition’s 19 large oil paintings and 10 small oil sketches all capture the complicated gaze of affection.

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James G Davis

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