Phoenix Art Gallery

For nearly thirty years Bentley Gallery has been synonymous with contemporary painting and sculpture in the Southwestern United States. The Phoenix art gallery represents mid-career and museum-collected artists from the U.S. and Europe. Throughout the history of the gallery, a diverse range of mediums have been represented, including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, textiles, installation art, and video.

Bentley Gallery also has a long tradition of offering ancient art and artifacts. Chinese bi and cong from the Neolithic period provide a rare glimpse into China’s history, as well as African sculpture that exemplifies a rich and vibrant culture. This Phoenix art gallery demonstrates that the power of these beautiful antiquities to co-exist seamlessly with contemporary paintings and sculptures is both stimulating and compelling. All works are authenticated and certified by academic experts.

Paramount to every exhibition at Bentley is the selection of works that are beautiful, that are exquisitely crafted, and that force us to change how we experience the spaces we share with the art.

Current Exhibitions

Mal Breuer: Radiant Hues

Abstract Expressionist Paintings
From the 60s & 70s

April 1-30

Opening Reception Friday, April 1
6-9pm – FirstFriday Artwalk