January 17th, 2019 – March 14th, 2020

Louise Blyton | Makoto Fujimura | Raphaëlle Goethals | Judith Kruger | Hiroko Otake

Pigment is a group show featuring works by Louise Blyton, Makoto Fujimura, Raphaëlle Goethals, Judith Kruger and Hiroko Otake. These notable artists delve into the exploration of color not merely as visual sensation, but its physical manifestation as raw pigment and all that it conjures.

The fact that color is not tangible tends to be overlooked. Our eyes detect light with wavelengths that bounces off objects, determining the particular color we see. This selection of artworks engages with the corporeal material that governs what we perceive as color. Whether it’s the application of natural minerals to affirm our relationship with the earth or the vibrancy of pure pigment to accentuate form. Each of these artists utilizes the physical aspect of color to give meaningful insight into our visual faculty and beyond.

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Phoenix Art Gallery

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