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b. 1961, Glendale, CA

In his abstract paintings and prints, Daniel Brice explores both the physicality and the intellectual and emotional resonance of color. Based in sun-drenched Southern California, he translates the multi-hued blues of the bright Pacific Ocean and the lush reds, yellows, oranges, and greens of the local flora into the richly colored lines and rectangles that dominate his compositions. The surfaces of his paintings range from almost transparent to thickly worked and often stretch across multiple panels, lending an almost sculptural quality to his works. Brice works in layers, overlapping variously sized rectangular planes of color to create a constantly shifting visual field, a minimal rectilinear language implying vast spatial expanses.

California State University, Long Beach, CA

2011 Artist-In-Residence, Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
2009 Artist-In-Residence, Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
2006 Artist-In-Residence, Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
2004 Artist-In-Residence, Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

2014 Paper/Works, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2013 Neo Chroma, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2013 New Paintings and Works on Paper, Western Project, Los Angeles, CA
2012 Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2011 Western Project, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Chiaroscuro Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2010 Tamarind 50th Anniversary, University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2005 Out of Line, Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA
2001 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA (Rupert Jenkins, juror)
1999 Art Auction 8, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA
1998 Transcendence, An Exhibition Celebrating the Works of Irish and Irish American Artists, Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, CA

Ohio Wesleyan University Museum, OH
Allentown Museum, PA
Park Hyatt Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Peninsula Hotel, New York, NY
Sakura Finetek, Los Angeles, CA
California Endowment, Woodland Hills, CA
Joe & Dr. Kim Greiner, Newport Beach, CA
Dominic Suprenant, Santa Monica, CA
John & Dorothy Ferguson, Santa Ana, CA
Rosie & Brian Panish, Santa Monica, CA
Deborah & Larry Poteet, Del Mar, CA
Carol Liu & Michael Peevey, La Cañada, Flintridge, CA
Philip & Marjorie Freeman, Laguna Beach, CA
Barbara Broccoli, Santa Monica, CA
Timothy Dalton, Los Angeles, CA
Robert & Maureen Carlson, Pasadena, CA
Ameritania Hotel, New York, NY
Jeff Goodman & Steven Charlton, New York, NY
Fritz Geiser, Pasadena, CA
Smith College, Northampton, MA
Bob Autrey, Long Beach, CA
George & Gretel Stephens, Pasadena, CA
Dr. Gene Rogolsky, Los Angeles, CA
Ralph Kaywin & Lisa Buchberg, Berkeley, CA
Dr. Amos Mahsua, Shaker Heights, OH
Dr. & Mrs. Garland Sinow, Long Beach, CA
Ruth Halperin, Atherton, CA
Chang Kim, Vancouver, BC
Bruce Menin, New York, NY

2001 Metro Redline Windbreak Project, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles, CA

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Artsy Editorial: Five Very Different Shows at Five Great Galleries
From London to Los Angeles, Artsy features five galleries whose exhibitions are garnering attention with emerging and mid-career artists. Daniel Brice’s third solo show at Western Projects includes several large paintings expressing the beauty of California landscapes and the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles Times: Daniel Brice at Western Project
Painting’s death has periodically (and even ritually) been claimed ever since the camera was invented more than 170 years ago. But Brice’s work reminds us of the coincidence between that unfounded assertion of mortality and the slow, steady emergence of abstraction as something beyond the otherwise wondrous capacity of the lens.

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