Project Description

Dominique Blain

b. 1957, Montreal, Canada
Based in Montreal, Canada

Since the 1980s, mixed-media artist Dominique Blain has been presenting photographs, videos, installations, sculptures, and site-specific projects, through which she addresses the seemingly unending history of war, exploitation, and imperialism.

“People often ask why I, a white North American woman from Montreal, get involved when I have no experience of war,” she says. “The question surprises me because I’m in a position to take a stand. […] I try to do visual work with the simplest of forms, so it’s accessible to everyone.” Blain works largely with archival photographs and objects, which she combines and alters with striking directness. The many forms of human exploitation recur throughout her work.

Dominique Blain was born in Montréal, Canada in 1957. As a French Canadian she works both in Quebec and California. Although Blain’s work deals with universal issues of history, war and imperialism her own historical and cultural perspective is never far from her subject matter. In her thoughtful manipulation of archival material she never compromises the original meaning, which gives great power and credibility to her work.

Having had both solo and group shows in Canada she began exhibiting in the states in the late 80’s. Recently she had a traveling solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, which was accompanied by a catalog and in 1992 was included in the 9th Biennale in Sydney Australia. Blain has a considerable bibliography including more than thirty catalogs and favorable reviews in important publications such as Artforum, ARTnews and The Los Angeles Times. Her work is represented in public collections throughout the States and Canada.

Film Studies, New York Film Academy, New York, NY
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Les Elles de l’art prize from Pratt & Whitney and Conseil des arts de Montréal
Conception and Realization of the international prize “Woman of Courage”
for Reporters without Borders and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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Artsy Editorial: Savant Sociologist Tackles Political Conflict
Gripped by topics off loss, war, and sociopolitical struggles, French Canadian artist Dominique Blain showcases her new body of work at Bentley Gallery in Phoenix. Blackout highlights sculptural work commissioned by the Musée des beaux-arts Montréal, as well as photographic work from Blain’s personal archives. 

CanadianArt: Dominique Blain Wins Prix Paul-Émile-Borduas
Montreal artist known for socially and politically oriented work wins major provincial art prize, following in steps of Marcel Barbeau and Betty Goodwin.

Artsy Editorial: How to Blends Art and Protest
Whether it’s a sculpture created with fused military helmets, or a suspended phalanx of ghostly boots, Montreal artist Dominique Blain is renowned for her ability to utilize art as a social tool to dredge deeply-set societal issues. Blain often begins in her extensive archive to create photographic, sculptural, and site specific works.

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