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Eric Zammitt


b. 1960, Los Angeles, CA

Eric Zammitt’s work alludes to the dynamics and interplay of dual elements: matter and energy, spirit and body, emotion and intellect. It is simultaneously about our Gestalt experience of the drama and beauty of creation, our intellectual fascination with its parts, and how they come together to create a whole.

One of the methods to express this interplay is by compounding complexes of patterned color into synergistic wholes. Color and pattern are primal to our history and survival. They touch parts of us that are archetypal, rooted in nature, and infinitely curious. Zammitt employs abstraction and minimalism as ways to bypass the literal and go directly to metaphor, emotion, and the ineffable. At the same time, like classical music, which integrates intellect and emotion, his works are based in structure, rhythm, and a form of logic.

These “paintings” are made from tens of thousands of solid bits of colored acrylic plastic. They are laminated into cohesive panels through an intensive process of layering, slicing, reassembly, wet-sanding and polishing. For Zammitt, colored acrylic plastics are simply solid forms of paint, and his “brushes” are the band saw, table saw, and glue.


2016 Eric Zammitt – Radiation, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
2013 Eric Zammitt, Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2013 Material Distillation, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2010 Eric Zammitt – Acrylic Plastic Constructions, Davis and Cline Gallery, Ashland, OR
2008 Eric Zammitt – Acrylic Constructions, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
2006 Cabin Fever, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Particles and Waves, Harris Gallery, University of La Verne, La Vernne, CA
1996 Eric Zammitt, David Lawrence Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
1995 Eric Zammitt, Pasadena City College Art Gallery, Pasadena, CA


2019 Color Spectrum, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2018 Intersecting at the Edge, Three person show with Karl Benjamin and Heather Gwen Martin, Claremont Museum of Art, Claremont, CA
2016 Intent Fortuity, Jamie Brooks Fine Art, Costa Mesa, CA
2015 Elemental – Seeing the Light, Curated by John David Obrien, Sturt Haaga Gallery, Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Ethereal, William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2015 Without Dialogue, Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
2014 Beyond the Surface, Tandem show with Jennifer Faist. Launch Gallery, Los Angeles,CA
2014 A to Z, Brett Rubicco Gallery, Newport Beach, CA 2014 2013 2012 2009 2009 2007 2006 2006 2006 2005 2005
2014 Brave New World, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
2013 20 Year Anniversary Show, Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2012 Random Acts of Time, Curated by William Moreno, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA
2009 Locals Only, Curated by Mat Gleason, Look Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Rolling and Ruling, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Themes and Variations, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
2006 Good to Go, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2006 All in the Family, Group show including Anne Thorhycroft with Laddie John and Ariel Dill, Ed and Eddie Ruscha, Ed and Andy Moses, and Norman Zammitt. Curated by Mollie Barnes. George Billis Gallery, Culver City, CA 
2005 Good Clean Fun, The Brewery Project, Los Angeles, CA
2005 Connie Goldman / Eric Zammitt, Tangent Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
2005 Connie Goldman / Eric Zammitt, Tangent Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
2004 Three Some, Three person exhibition with Tim Nolan and Gary Symanski, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Merge, Curated by Jennifer Faist, Andlab, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Gridlock, Curated by Kristina Newhouse, West L.A. College, CA
2003 Trans Fab (Transcendental Fabrication), Domestic Setting, Venice, CA
2003 Approaching Perfection, The Brewery Project, Los Angeles, CA
2002 Permanent installation, Wall of Honor, donor wall, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
2002 Kaleidoscope, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2002 Venice Art Walk Silent Auction, Venice, CA
2002 Korea International Art Fair, Pusan, Korea, Represented by Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Venice Art Walk Silent Auction, California Sculpture Garden, Venice, CA, Curator: Noel Korten
1997 Skin and Bone, L.A. Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, CA, Curator: Noel Korten
1996 On and Off the Wall, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA


Adams/Central Mixed Use Development, Permanent Public Art Installation, Los Angeles, CA
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Bibi Space Gallery, Daejon, South Korea
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Palo Alto, CA
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Los Angeles, CA
Harvey Universal Inc., Los Angeles, CA
The Held Collection, Held Properties, Los Angeles, CA
Jarrow Formulas Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Betty Asher Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Luxe Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Museum of Art and History, Permanent collection, Lancaster, CA
Pomona College Museum of Art, Permanent collection, Pomona, CA
Tsuge Cafe, Tokyo, Japan
United States Federal Courthouse, Los Angeles, CA
University of La Verne, Permanent Collection, La Verne, CA
Wallach Glass Studio, Santa Rosa, CA


Gerald E. Buck Collection Lori Bush, Plug Lighting Inc.
Tony and Cindy Canzoneri
Lynda Cumming, Sketchers Corp.
Merrill Francis Estate
Arnold and Homeira Goldstien Joni Gordon Estate
Dr. Todd Hutton
Ken Kaplan
Marianne Kim, Daejon, Korea
Neil and Pamela Kramer
Shuji Kato and Kazumi Kua, Tokyo, Japan
Marilyn Lasarow and Judge William Lasarow
Dr. Richard Lasarow Estate
David Loomstein
Cynthia Penna
Gina Posalski
Jarrow Rogovin
John and Elsie Sadler
Ralph Perl and Rhoda Shapiro
Dr. Kumiko Saito, Hayama, Japan
Joannie Stern Sue Tsao
DeWain Valentine


Commission, MGM National Harbor Heritage Collection, Washington, D.C.
Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE
Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Martin Z. Margulies Foundation Inc., Miami, FL
Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation, Portland, OR
Washington D.C. Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
Sammlung Schroth, Soest, Germany
The Hearst Foundation Collection, New York, NY
Borusan Foundation Collection, Istanbul, Turkey; New York, NY
Cordish Family Foundation, Baltimore, MD
Samawi Collection, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Marvin and Elayne Mordes Collection, West Palm Beach, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Moscahlaidis, New York, NY
McDonald’s Corporation (McDonald’s Baltimore, Washington Regional Office)
The American Society of Nephrology, Washington, D.C.
Ron and Una Brasch Collection Movado Group, Inc., New York, NY
Ian Schrager Company, London, UK


2011  Four story permanent window installation.
Community Redevelopment Agency with Meta Housing Corporation Adams/Central Mixed Use Development, Los Angeles, CA


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The Art Of series, Ovation TV
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Breaking Beautiful a film by Eric Mihn Swenson
Eric Zammitt – Prints a film by Eric Mihn Swenson
Eric Zammitt – Column a film by Eric Mihn Swenson

art ltd: Eric Zammitt: “Material Distillation” at David Richard Gallery
Invisible, unfathomable patterns are mysteriously interwoven through empirical existence. The best art, like our favorite experiences, teases unseen worlds into view. In Material Distillation, Eric Zammitt presented a series of large works formed from cut and laminated acrylic plastics, bringing the ethereal down to earth.

Visual Art Source: Editorial Recommendations
LA-based Eric Zammitt’s aesthetic contains slickly abstract sculpture and assemblage works that are constructed from tiny bits of Plexiglas. They often adhere to precisely geometric layouts, but their palette of vibrant colors makes them feel unexpectedly spontaneous and fresh.

THE magazine: On The Radar – Seventeen Artists You Should Know About
Eric Zammitt continues the stylistic arc set in motion by his father, the late finish/fetish painter-sculptor Norman Zammitt.

Los Angeles Times: Do these small bits add to a whole?
Assorted legacies find fresh interpretation and expansion in Eric Zammitt’s works at New-Space.

Los Angeles Times: Delight is in the details
Not so long ago, no artist in his right mind would make a painting based on a grid. The regularity , regimentation and rigor of such restrictively rational structures represented everything art wasn’t – fluid, freewheeling and unpredictable.

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Eric Zammitt

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