Color Spectrum

March 14 – May 11th, 2019

Chul Hyun Ahn | Dion Johnson | Eric Zammitt

Bentley Gallery is pleased to announce Color Spectrum, a group show featuring works by Chul Hyun Ahn, Dion Johnson, and Eric Zammitt. Working across disciplines including fluorescent lights, mirrors, and acrylic paint, the artists in this exhibition expand our understanding of both the complexity and variant nature of color and how it operates within a two and three-dimensional surface. Making daring visual choices and utilizing a wide array of materials, these artists explore the tensions between content and materiality, symmetry and asymmetry and light and dark. 

A sample of works from the exhibition:

Chul Hyun Ahn’s mesmerizing sculptures also speak to compositional issues of color and space, invoking the illusion of infinite space through the use of mirrors and light. Mining the territory of light and space artists including Peter Alexander, Robert Irwin, and James Turrell, Hyun Ahn’s work suggests that space is possessed of its own verifiable presence, an altered and negotiated prescience and that within this expanded reality, one can determine a new way of seeing.

Chul Hyun Ahn
Tunnel, 2013
Cinderblocks, fluorescent lights, mirrors
23 x 68 x 68″

Dion Johnson’s luminous color field paintings and drawings are studies in space and color, the lines and patterns describing what appears to be a spectrum of refracted light, attenuated at certain precise intervals along the canvas only to open out again in other parts of the work. The result is a precisely negotiated space where color is broken down into discreet vertical units that appear to shift at will.

Museum for Contemporary Art

Dion Johnson
Next, 2016
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 72″

Eric Zammitt, a founding member of the famed Light & Space movement, creates large-scale sculptures using colored pieces of Plexiglas that are glued together, sanded and polished to an austere high gloss shine. The result is visually complex works that straddle the mediums of both sculpture and painting, posting questions about form and function and how they operate in concert.

Upcoming Exhibition

Eric Zammitt
Eastern Gloaming
Laminated acrylic plastic
50 x 74.5″

New works by Travis Rice on view in the Project Room.


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