A sample of works from the Art Exhibition: Repetition

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Art Exhibition: Repetition

March 20th, 2020 – May 22th, 2020

Peter Millett | Jeremy Thomas

Repetition is a two-person show featuring works by Peter Millett and Jeremy Thomas. Both artists are pragmatic in their artistic approach, adhering to a process-based practice that employ the use of recurring forms to create inspired sculptures. Millet constructs distinct structures through an additive process born from intuition and curiosity. Thomas inflates sumptuous metal shapes with pressurized air to bring them into full dimensionality. Each artist explores a geometric language of shape and space, underscored by a high degree of skill and imagination.

Peter Millett

He is a seasoned traveler, draws inspiration from his extensive trips through North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Exploring the architecture, native art forms, religion, and handmade textiles specific to the region. By paring down his observations, Millett creates sculptures that investigate geometry, shape, space, color, and surface. Working with the wood grain as a textural underpinning, the artist layers stain or paint to emphasize the history within each work. The works are not obviously referential of any one place, but instead are several places and moments distilled, allowing the viewer to bring their own memories and references to each piece.

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Jeremy Thomas

His sculptures are made of steel; cut, welded, and folded into geometric shapes. The metal is heated to well over 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit at which point the metal becomes as supple and elastic as clay. Thomas then inflates the forms with air; here chance comes into action as metal and air interact. Finally, he uses different techniques such as powder coating, acrylic urethane and rust patina to create vibrant surfaces that reference industrial machinery, cosmetics, muscle cars, and aged and oxidized abandoned items. The combination of color, material, and sensual forms sets up an interesting juxtaposition. The forms, solid as they are, seem to rest at some ineffable point between chance and intention, lighthearted and serious, feminine and masculine.

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