$2,500 x 18 Show at Phoenix Art Exhibitions - Bentley Gallery

Annual Summer Show

July 23 – September 14, 2019


Bentley Gallery invited art enthusiasts to escape the heat and come into a very cool inviting gallery filled with hot artwork. Artists and artwork were rotated through the course of the show.

Below is a sample selection of the artist’s pieces that were in the show:

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Eric Zammitt
Electric Moroccan II, 2009 – 2015
laminated acrylic plastic
91.5 x 49.5 x 2″
(detail image)


Eric Zammitt’s work alludes to the dynamics and interplay of dual elements: matter and energy, spirit and body, emotion and intellect. It is simultaneously about our Gestalt experience of the drama and beauty of creation, our intellectual fascination with its parts, and how they come together to create a whole….CLICK TO READ MORE.

Michael Marlowe
White Rabbit, 2018
oil on shaped canvas
72 x 60 x 4″
(detail image)


Michael Marlowe is a studio artist, art director and production designer working in the film and television industry. Marlowe’s large-scale painting process takes an abstract approach to imagery that is rooted in figurative representation. His works examine and vibrantly animate aspects of the human figure from the inside out. Interested in various modes of self exploration, he visually abstracts and reshapes his subject in a pursuit to visualize the human form as something expanded, exploded, and restructured….CLICK TO READ MORE.

Mala Breuer
Fire (9.19.83), 1983
oil and wax on canvas
48 x 42″
(detail image)

Mala Breuer grew up attending classes in painting and drawing from a young age at the California College of Arts and Crafts. After high school she attended the, now, San Francisco Art Institute where she studied under many notable artists, including Richard Diebenkorn, Clyfford Still, David Park, and Mark Rothko. Breuer matured as an artist in, and was profoundly affected by, the era of Abstract Expressionism, focusing more on material and application than representation…CLICK TO READ MORE.

Jimi Gleason
Roxy Painting, 2017
acrylic on canvas
72 x 60 x 1.5″
(diptych)(detail image)


The surfaces of Jimi Gleason’s paintings have always responded to both the light and space of the environment they are in. Working with shimmery pearlescent paint, he carefully builds up layers that shift subtly. Many of his works feature densely worked edges framing largely vacant centers, to keep the focus firmly on the quality of the color and light and on the viewer’s own perception of them….CLICK TO READ MORE.

Artists in the show. Click on name to learn more:

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